The Dresser Society is Official!

The inaugural meeting of the Christopher Dresser Society was held on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

Dresser fans from across the globe were brought together through the magic of the internet and agreed:

  • To establish the Christopher Dresser Society
  • To approve a proposed Constitution for the Society
  • To elect people to serve as Officers and Members of the Management Committee to oversee the affairs of the Society
  • To approve proposed Membership Fees for those wishing to belong to the Society (and what those Members may expect in return)
  • To approve a proposal that the Society seek charitable status

In addition, the meeting received details of the current financial position of the Society and information on the plan of action for the next year.

There were a number of contributions from those present with suggestions as to how the Society should develop, and in the coming months the Management Committee will be considering how to address these.

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